DENVER (CBS4)– A murder case has resulted in an internal investigation into how police in Denver handled the initial 911 call.

A neighbor called police to report a domestic violence incident hours before police found her dead.

Denver Police Chief Robert White has called for an investigation within the department to look into a prior call for help several hours before Rosa was murdered.

Christopher Perea, 41, is suspected of killing his wife, Loretta Rosa, 44, inside a house in the 1500 block of South Carlan Court, near Ruby Hill on Denver’s southwest side.

homicide How Police Responded To Murder Case At Center Of Investigation

(credit: CBS)

Rosa’s family is upset with police. They believe officers dropped the ball.

“She ran to the neighbor and asked for help and the neighbor called the cops and nothing was done,” said Rosa’s sister Phyllis. “And now she’s dead.”

Although police did respond to the home, the report states the officers “did not make contact with anyone.” When officers returned to the home several hours later, they found Rosa dead.

According to the Denver Police Department hand book, when officers respond to a domestic violence call and it’s clear that someone has been assaulted, “Arrest, charging and taking custody of the suspect involved shall be deemed the most appropriate law enforcement response.” Officers must make an arrest.

Police said in general, when officers arrived at the scene of a domestic call and don’t see or hear anything, and no one answers the door, they cannot go inside the residence without probable cause.

Perea has a lengthy police record dating back to 1989 including disturbing the peace, car theft and assault.

Perea and Rosa were married less than one year.

“Her kids need a lot of love and support right now. They need all the support they can get from everyone who knew her,” said Phyllis.

A woman who was at the same bar as the couple the night Rosa was murdered said the two had been fighting and then just disappeared.


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