Some Flights To And From Chicago Delayed Due To Weather Issues There

DENVER (CBS4) – More than 1 million people are expected to pass through Denver International Airport in a 4-5 day span, and on Wednesday morning the holiday travel crush had already begun.

“Today is the busiest day of that time period, so you’re going to see longer lines and more people,” DIA spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone told CBS4. “You’re going to see longer lines. You’re going to see more people. You are going to need to allow some extra time this morning or actually anytime today if you are flying out.”

“Give yourself some extra time to navigate those lines inside the airport, too,” she said.

Officials at DIA are recommending that people flying at DIA on Wednesday be at the airport 2 hours before the flight departs.

There are no weather issues in Denver, but in Chicago heavy fog was messing up some travel plans. About 65 flights there were canceled. (More From As a result of that weather event, four or five flight headed to Chicago from Denver are delayed. Four or five flights heading to DIA from Chicago will also be heavily delayed in their arrival.

Some parking lots at the airport were already full by 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. The Pikes Peak lot and both east and west economy lots were full. Alternative lots are the Mt. Elbert lot and the garage lots, which are more expensive.

Airport officials said people driving to the airport will get alerts about parking options via roadside signs along Pena Boulevard. They also recommended checking or downloading the Flysmart app for smartphones, both of which provide instant travel updates.

Two different air passengers a CBS4 crew caught up with at the airport early Wednesday morning said they were early and confident, and that planning ahead helped.

“We’re from the Springs and we stayed at a Denver hotel and took the shuttle here,” said Carol Willis. “We’re here really early. We kind of expected that it would be pretty busy, and I see downstairs (at the security line) that it is already. So we’re ready to roll.”

Nicki Zimmerman told CBS4 she was at the airport two and a half hours early. She’s heading to Billings, Mont. and will be heading back on Saturday.

“I got a ride here, so that was nice,” Zimmerman said. “I’d say have your baggage ready, and bring stupid stuff to do while you wait.”

Those who want to travel with their Thanksgiving feast may have a few hurdles to jump through at security.

“You actually can bring a turkey through TSA but know that the cranberry sauce is going to have to be checked in,” said Travelocity spokesman Joshua Bright.

TSA agents confirm that frozen items such as stuffing, gravy or cranberry sauce are allowed through security.


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