Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

C.J.: Gary, who on the defense is responsible for covering the tight end? We’re getting burned by opposing T.E.s Is this something that will be fixed when D.J. Williams comes back?

Gary: That could be. D.J. has the speed to stay with most tight ends. The Broncos at times put a linebacker on the tight end. Other times he’s the safety’s responsibility. But the fact is that the tight end has become the toughest matchup in the NFL for defenses. That’s why teams like New England sometimes use three at a time. And we all know how good Antonio Gates is. Whoever plays against him is going to have his hands full.

Max: Gary, what’s Peyton Manning like when the cameras are off? In the interviews he seems pretty serious with a dry sense of humor. Is that the way he is all of the time?

Gary: Max, Peyton is really the consummate pro. But honestly, he’s not terribly interested in spending time with the media, but who could blame him? Peyton spends about 10 minutes answering questions every Wednesday and another 10 or so after games. He’s always professional, sometimes funny. And if he thinks you’ve asked a dumb question, he’s going to let you know that too.

Glenn: Gary, what do you think about the “anonymous” Jets trashing Tim Tebow? Do you think a lot of Broncos players felt the same way when he was here?

Gary: Glenn, I’m a media guy. I think a player has the right say what he thinks. But because of the repercussions he could face, sometimes those quotes are anonymous. I don’t think that lessens what was said, and yes, I know for a fact; many Broncos felt the same way about Tim when he was here. Players see him struggle in practice and then they lose confidence in him to get the job done on Sunday. The fact is though, he’s had some great moments, but Tebow, when you come right down to it, is simply not a quality NFL passer.


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