DENVER (CBS4)– Favorite snack foods like Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Fruit Pies made by Hostess will soon be gone from store shelves. Employees who made those snacks are looking for work after a sudden shut down by the company.

There is a Hostess factory in Adams County. Even though those workers had a sense they could be left without a job since the company claimed bankruptcy, they said the timing couldn’t be worse with the holidays approaching.

“We all kind of felt it was coming on. We got notified today that today was our last day so we weren’t quite sure until today,” said Hostess employee Eric Ladley.

“Everyone’s pretty upbeat compared to what it could be, I guess. No one is sobbing or crying in the corner,” said another Hostess employee who didn’t want to be identified.

Hostess blames the closing on a union strike that crippled its ability to produce and deliver their products to its facilities. That strike comes after the company’s bankruptcy filing.

Some workers are taking the news very hard.

“Now we’re out of a job because they decided they were going to be God and just determine everyone’s future,” said one Hostess employee.

Some Hostess employees may find another opportunity very soon. Several businesses are looking to hire some of the 160 Hostess employees working at the Adams County factory.

“Anytime a company closes its doors of course, they’re going to have drivers that are looking for work and I’m here to tell them we’ve got plenty where I work,” said Western Freightways Trucking spokeswoman Peggy Ziegler.

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Additional Resources

A company called First Transit told CBS4 on Friday they are hiring and would be interested in hiring some of Denver’s laid off Hostess workers. The company trains people to drive buses. They are located at 6345 North Broadway in Denver and can be reached at (720) 540-4540.

Western Freightways also told CBS4 they are interested in hiring former Hostess workers. They can be reached at (866) 993-7876.


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