COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS/AP) – A woman took matters into her own hands after she spotted her stolen truck in Colorado Springs.

Police say Kim Lannigan was stopped for a red light with her husband Ray near 8th and Cimarron Wednesday when a truck pulled up and she recognized it was hers. It had been stolen from a Walmart parking lot last Sunday.

“(I was) just driving down the road hoping to see my truck and I said it out loud as I was getting ready to come up to the light, ‘All I want to do is see my truck, that’s all I want,'” Kim told CBS4 partner KKTV.

Police say the driver of the stolen truck saw the Lannigans staring at her and started to back up.

The couple then moved their vehicle in front of the stolen truck and Kim got out and pulled the female driver by her clothes and hair out of the truck and pinned her against the door until police arrived. Kim did it all despite a broken hand.

“She pulled the girl out before she could put it in reverse and take off,” Ray said.

Authorities say the investigation is continuing and no arrests have been made, and the Lannigans now have their truck back.

“I was dumbfounded. You look over, and I’ve seen my truck a million times, but it’s like ‘Are we sure it’s my truck, there are a lot of trucks like that,'” Ray said.


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