AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A new smartphone app will make it easier to report and fight crime.

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers launched the new app on Wednesday. It lets users instantly report a crime and add in specific details from the phone.

Crime Stoppers say they are the first to use that kind of technology, and Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates says he hopes it will connect police and the community on a new level.

“If you have a tip or a lead on a crime that has occurred, something you’ve seen on TV, something you’ve read in the paper, something you’ve heard on the radio; you think you might have something, this app will be fanatastic,” Oates said. “It’s as easy to use as possible, it’s free, it’s accessible.”

The app will also send out push notifications if there’s an Amber Alert or a serious crime in the area.


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