DENVER (CBS4) – A friend and former roommate of Paula Broadwell who lives in Denver told CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger she’s been in contact with Broadwell since the Gen. David Petraeus scandal broke.

Broadwell has not made any public statements on the scandal, but has spoken to Jessica Peck.

“From the moment I met Paula I was completely in awe. She was my roommate. The program we were in paired people up and I just had the fortune of getting her as my roommate,” Peck said.

Peck and Broadwell were assigned to room together in Berlin, Germany three years ago. They were speaking at a program sponsored by the American Council on Germany. Since then they have stayed in touch.

Fast forward to last Friday when Peck’s friend became the news.

“I was in Hawaii and it came on the TV and I immediately started crying,” Peck said.

Her onetime roommate had suddenly become the focus of national attention.

“After I heard the news I sent a supportive email and that night she emailed back and said, ‘Thanks, we’re holding up,’ ” Peck said.

Peck says Broadwell often talked of her time in Colorado where she got her master’s degree at the University of Denver.

“We talked a lot about Denver, she loved Denver. She and her husband had a house here … they came to Colorado because her husband went to medical school here,” Peck said.

She says if Broadwell’s achievements and self dedication to the country were washed away by an indiscretion, it would be a tragedy.

“It will be clear she is a person who made a mistake, but she’s never someone who for a moment would compromise the security of the nation she loves,” Peck said.

The security clearance for Broadwell has now been revoked, at least for the duration of the investigation.


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