DENVER (CBS4) – President Barack Obama’s re-election was so tough on some Republicans they now want to secede from the union.

People in 20 states, including Colorado, have now filed petitions with the White House asking their states be allowed to leave the union. Most of the states are in the south, but not all.

The petitions were submitted through the White House website that tries to give all Americans a way to engage in their government.

state secede petition map t Some Coloradans Want The State To Secede From The Union

(credit: CBS)

Some residents of Louisiana say calling for secession seems a little extreme.

“I think it’s ridiculous, honestly, I really do,” a man said. “It’s really dumb.”

“I feel like that’s a little much, a little over the top,” a woman said.

The White House says once there are 25,000 signatures on any petition it will issue a response.


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