DENVER (CBS4) – Now that Colorado is getting quite a drop in temperatures, it’s recommended drivers get their vehicles prepared for the winter.

This first thing drivers should have is a good set of tires. Many people who own front-wheel drive vehicles think they can get away with just replacing the front tires, but Jeff Morain with Goodyear Tires says that’s not true.

“It’s really always recommended that you put tires on all four wheels if you do want a snow tire on a car. Even with any tire you want to keep all of your tires the same so we have the same traction on both ends,” Morain said. “Even though most of your power comes from up front, you still want that rear-end to stay.”

Another important thing to remember is to periodically check tire pressure.

People who live in the mountains might want to purchase studded snow tires.

“They are pre-engineered with holes in them and we can actually apply steel studs to the tire,” Morain said. “That gives you that added winter ice capability.”

Gwen Wernersbach with the Red Cross offered tips on things drivers should store in their car during the winter months in case they get stranded.

“Make a habit of having extra supplies of everything you could possibly need,” Wernersbach said.

It’s always a good idea to store extra windshield wiper fluid in a vehicle for visibility in slushy conditions. Other items include spare jumper cables, a tow rope, a small shovel, non-perishable food, water and kitty litter for traction in case of getting stuck. Extra gloves, hats and a blanket are also recommended.

Families need to tailor the items to their needs.

“Your emergency supply kit should reflect the items your family individually needs in order to ensure your health remains uncompromised,” Wernersbach said.

Diabetics, for example, should store extra medication.

Wernersbach says the necessities should be enough to remain self-sufficient for 72 hours.

The Red Cross sells backpacks with supplies for drivers in the winter.

LINK: Red Cross


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