DENVER (CBS4) – A Southwest Airlines plane slid off a taxiway at Denver International Airport Saturday evening.

Snow had been falling at the airport all day Saturday.

Jenny Schiavone with DIA said they haven’t received any reports of injuries and airport operations are still normal.

“We basically landed and he was on the runway and it seemed like he was having a hard time getting the plane to slow down,” a passenger said. “It was going faster than he wanted it to and the next thing we knew it was making a strange grinding sound and he veered off to the right and there was no more runway underneath us.”

Flight 1905 from Oakland to Denver had 125 passengers and five on the crew. It was scheduled to land at 5 p.m.

plane slide dia 3 passenger shane larue by tweet Plane Slides Off Taxiway At DIA

A firefighter aboard the plane (credit: Shane LaRue/Twitter)

Passengers were all bussed to terminal and Southwest is handling re-accommodations for those flying through to Omaha.

There was no information on the cause of incident, or whether plane was damaged. Southwest personnel were on scene investigating.

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