Every week during CBS4’s Football Preview show Gary Miller answers questions from fans. Below are this week’s questions and Gary’s answers.

Ron: Gary, as we see Peyton and the Broncos offense become more familiar with each other, do you think we’ll see more “trick” plays? It sure makes it exciting to see reverses, flea flickers, fake punts, etc.

Gary: We all do love trick plays, but they usually come when the more conventional stuff isn’t working. Peyton Manning isn’t really a “trick-em” kind of guy. He studies too hard, he works too hard to think he has to trick the defense. He beats them because he studies and dissects their tendencies. Oh sure, maybe we’ll see a flea flicker down the line, but that is not really Manning’s game.

Gilbert: Gary, when will we see Tracy Porter back on the field?

Gary: Gilbert, your guess is as good as anybody else’s. John Fox said this week the Broncos are still helping Porter deal with his illness. Fox reported that Porter has not had any more seizures, but he has had some symptoms. As the coach said, Porter is not an accountant, he plays a violent sport and the Broncos have to make sure he’s healthy before they let him get back on the field. The coach also said that he meant no offense to accountants.

Jim: Gary, barring any injuries, can the Broncos keep the momentum up throughout the rest of the season?

Gary: Jim, I really think they can. We all know the schedule has turned in their favor with a much easier second half after that tough first half, and with Peyton Manning, anything is possible. He’s playing great football and his confidence and work ethic has rubbed off on the entire team. There’s still a long way to go, but right now things are looking very good for the Denver Broncos.


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