LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Voters in Longmont on Tuesday approved Colorado’s first city-wide fracking ban, but oil and gas industry proponents say the fight isn’t over.

Kaye Fissinger and Michael Bellmont helped spearhead the effort to get the ban on this year’s ballot. They say they worked tirelessly with volunteers to collect the 8,200 signatures needed to get the initive on the ballot.

Fissinger and Fellmont told CBS4 taking on big oil companies was a challenge but worth it to keep their city safe.

“We believe we have made a very important stride locally to preserve health and wellness and protection of property in this community and give in part to other communities that also have that right and will now be encouraged to do so,” Bellmont said.

“I kind of believe in the David and Goliath (idea) and it’s wonderful this time around to have David win,” Fissinger said.

The argument against the ban is that that fracking is an important part of the local economy and that it has been proven safe and effective.

“The vote on 300 doesn’t end today or last night,” said Bill Ray, spokesman for Main Street Longmont, a group that opposed the measure. “Mineral rights owners in Longmont still have a right to access their private property rights. The oil and gas industry is going to vigorously pursue those private property rights.

It is expected that legal action will be taken to prevent the ban from actually becoming law.


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