DENVER (CBS4) – A street fight turned deadly just three blocks away from the state Capitol, and quick thinking saved others.

The fight happened at 11th Avenue and Lincoln Street just after 1 a.m. Sunday. That’s where police say Marvin Joel Rosario-Lopez, 24, shot and killed a man. He’s being held for investigation of first-degree murder.

The victim has been identified as Ronald Smith, 47, from Aurora. Smith’s son said he was at the bar to watch his other son perform in a band.

Police say there were several brawls and witnesses say shots rang out. Meanwhile Alexis Goodwin, a manager at Stoney’s Bar and Grill, acted quickly to keep customers out danger.

“People were getting trampled and it was a lot of chaos,” Goodwin said.

11th lincoln shooting map Quick Thinking Saves Some Lives During Fatal Shooting

(credit: CBS)

Goodwin hustled customers inside Stoney’s for safety.

“Everyone was scared and everyone was nervous,” she said. “You could see there was someone down, and then when the ambulance pulled up we saw them kind of raise him onto the stretcher.”

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“Our suspect produced a weapon and fired and struck our victim, who is described as an adult male,” Detective John White with Denver police said.

Police patrolling the bar scene arrested Rosario-Lopez soon after the shooting, which Goodwin predicted.

ronald smith Quick Thinking Saves Some Lives During Fatal Shooting

Ronald Smith (credit: Facebook)

“It happened. Yeah, I mean that’s the type of atmosphere they create and the crowd they bring in,” Goodwin said of the neighboring bar called The Hive, which is closing down.

Goodwin knew The Hive was having its final night of business, and not soon enough for her.

“I always have been (critical of The Hive),” Goodwin said. “In the year and a half, over a year and a half that I’ve worked here, this is the second shooting that I’ve witnessed right outside.”

Goodwin said a doorman at The Hive was shot in the leg two summers ago.

Rosario-Lopez was arrested and convicted of a drug charge in 2007.


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