DENVER (CBS4) – Japan is coming out on top when it comes to building reliable vehicles.

From the most reliable cars to the least reliable, Consumer Reports has released its annual list of cars, and one American automaker is not where it was in recent years.

The lists of reliable cars and SUVs versus those that aren’t receive so much attention because the data used is so extensive. Consumer Reports based their 2012 findings on the experiences of its 1.2 million subscribers. They looked at everything from how well new cars will hold up to how well old cars are holding up.

The following are the Top 5 most reliable most reliable new cars”:

1. Toyota Prius C
2. BMW 328I
3. Mazda CX-5
4. Toyota Camry Hybrid
5. Nissan Leaf

The following are the Top 5 most unreliable cars and they are listed with the worst of the worst reliability being first:

1. Ford Explorer, V6 4WD
2. Ford Focus Hatchback
3. Jaguar XF
4. Mini Cooper Countryman
5. Ford Explorer, V6, 2WD

Only two years ago Ford was hitting the sweet spot for reliability with 90 percent of its models scoring above average or better. Since then Ford has been plagued by reliability problems, which has dropped them into the unreliable category.

According to Consumer Reports, there were several factors. A few new or redesigned models, including the Explorer, Fiesta, and Focus, came out of the gate with more problems than normal. Ford has also added the MyFord/MyLincoln Touch Electronic Infotainment System, which has been problematic.

In addition, three historically reliable models — the Ford Escape, the Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ are not included in the analysis for this year. They were redesigned for 2013, and it’s not known how the new versions will fare.


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