PARKER (CBS4) – Parker police are no longer looking for a suspicious vehicle after reports of a possible child enticement incident.

On Sunday police released a photo of a black sedan after an 8-year-boy reported the driver tried to lure him into the car.

On Monday police said the driver of the car contacted police after a friend saw on Facebook that police were looking for his car.

“The male party explained the situation to the detective assigned the case, and the detective was able to confirm the information he was being provided and verified the male was there for the legitimate purpose he explained,” Parker police said in a statement.

According to police the driver pulled over to look for an address on his phone and motioned to the boy to “go ahead” and cross the intersection.

“He said the boy hurriedly turned the other direction and rode his bicycle away. He said he did not, nor did his teenage daughter, who was also in the car, roll the windows down or say anything to the boy,” police said.

The driver was not asking the boy for directions as previously reported by other media outlets, according to police.

“Although this is a positive solution to a misunderstood situation, we continue to encourage kids to talk with their parents and be aware of their surroundings,” police said.


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