DENVER (CBS4)– Amendment 64 is getting a lot of attention both in Colorado and across the nation. The ballot measure would de-criminalize small amounts of marijuana.

Two mothers are divided over the issue and express differing points of view on how they chose their side in the debate.

“I simply could not stand on the sidelines without a fight,” said mother Henny Lasley. “My child dropped out of sports, school activities and frankly dropped out of life.”

Lasley claims her teenage son became addicted to marijuana. She and other moms are joining forces to defeat the state ballot measure that would legalize small amounts of pot for anyone over the age of 21.

Ann Toney has a different take on the issue; she is fighting for Amendment 64 to pass.

“Prohibition is just not working,” said Toney.

Toney claims if marijuana were legal her son would still be alive.

Mike Fitzsimmons was sexually assaulted while trying to purchase pot from a street dealer.

“And within a week of the sexual assault he took his life,” said Toney.

She claims the black market for marijuana is the real danger. If marijuana was legal she believes her son could have purchased it in a store.

Opponents worry those stores will end up in their neighborhoods. They argue Colorado will become a mecca for marijuana.

“The availability to our kids will grow exponentially,” said Lasley.

“There’s going to be much less demand on the street and if anything, shrink the marketplace,” said Toney.

If Amendment 64 passes it would change the state constitution to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

Supporters claim zoning laws would likely be similar to those for medical marijuana. Opponents argue it’s a violation of federal law.


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