DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos remarkable comeback in the second half against the San Diego Chargers on Monday night was one for the record books, but rookie defensive lineman Derek Wolfe said he’s been involved in an even bigger comeback.

It happened when Wolfe played for the University of Cincinnati.

“My sophomore year in college, it’s on ESPN Classics now, but we came back and beat Pitt. We were down like 35 points,” Wolfe said on Xfinity Monday Live!

It’s probably true to say that most of Broncos fans thought the game was over at halftime Monday night. So how does a player keep himself from thinking it’s over?

“You don’t pay attention to the score,” Wolfe said. “As a defensive player you’re taught never to look at the scoreboard and keep your mind at what the task at hand is; stopping them and getting back on track.”

According to Wolfe, there wasn’t a lot said in the locker room at halftime.

“It was ‘focus on what we’ve got to do, fix it, let’s get what we’ve got to get done,’ ” Wolfe said.

In Monday’s case, silence spoke volumes.

Of course Peyton Manning got a lot of the credit for the comeback, but it wouldn’t have happened without the great play by the defense in the second half. The Chargers had six possessions and the Broncos forced five turnovers and a punt.

“It’s hard to explain how it feels whenever your offense is doing good and your defense is doing good,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe said the offense and defense began feeding off of each other in the second half.

“We’re still trying to find our identity and figure out who we really are, and I think we showed who we really are in the second half of that game.”

Wolfe has three total sacks so far this season and he talked about the transition from college to the NFL.

“You’re never going to go up against somebody who’s not a good player. In college you get those guys who are kind of questionable; you get a fish on every offensive line,” Wolfe said. “But in this league they are all the best players that were in college, so you’re going against the best every week.”

The Broncos enjoy a much needed rest with a bye week and then will host the New Orleans Saints on Sunday Night Football on Oct. 28.

Watch more of the video with Wolfe in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.


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