BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– The University of Colorado graduate shot when she wandered into a Boulder home has pleaded guilty to first-degree trespassing in a deferred sentence.

Zoey Ripple pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to the deferred sentence. If she does not get into trouble for the next 18 months the trespassing charge will be dropped from her record.

During her sentencing, she also apologized to the family whose home she walked into in May.

“This has been an enormously traumatic incident. I’m deeply sorry it has been for the Justice’s as well,” said Ripple.

Ripple, 21, stumbled into a Boulder couple’s bedroom just days after she graduated from CU. Police say she got in through an unlocked screen door. After warning her to stop the homeowner ending up shooting her.

The homeowner will not face charges under Colorado’s Make My Day Law.

The bullet remains lodged in Ripple’s back.

Investigators said ripple’s blood alcohol content was .20, nearly three times the legal limit.

Ripple told the judge she doesn’t drink anymore but believes she was the victim of a date rape drug. She had been at a bar that night and then attended a house party. She cannot remember how she ended up at the house.

“Really scary stuff can happen. It’s really important to keep your bearings about you and be conscious of what you are doing and what other people are doing,” said Ripple.

Her attorney believes someone drove her there.

“In a place that was so far away from where she started there is not a good explanation,” said Ripple’s attorney Colette Cribari.

Cribari said Ripple was never tested for a date rape drug in the hospital.

“This is something that is going to follow me for the rest of my life and I need to continue to remind myself that this doesn’t define me. I know who I am,” said Ripple.

The Boulder DA’s office said that alcohol treatment is part of Ripple’s plea. They believe it is the most important factor.


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