DENVER (CBS4) – What does it say when Jim Tracy walks away from a job that guarantees him $1.4 million? It probably says Tracy really didn’t ‘t like his job with the Colorado Rockies.

So how did it all fall apart over the weekend? Why would Tracy up and resign? CBS4’s Gary Miller went to Coors Field looking for answers from Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations Bill Geivett.

Geivett has known Tracy for nearly two decades. On Friday they met for six hours discussing the future of the Rockies. Geivett believed his colleague and friend would return to manage the team next year, but then the phone rang on Sunday.

“He didn’t give any real specific reason or one thing that I could detect that was a big issue,” Geivett said. “I was surprised.”

The players were caught by surprise as well and some took to Twitter to show some respect for their former manager. Dexter Fowler said that he was going to miss Tracy and thanked him for believing in him as a player. He also said that Tracy is a standup guy.

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Jordan Pacheco said, “Thank you skip for giving me an opportunity … it was an honor to play for you.”

“There’s no mistake about this; everybody here has a lot of respect and really likes Jim Tracy a lot,” Geivett said. “That’s not just with our players, that’s with the staff and everybody who works here with the organization.”

Geivett insisted that Tracy’s power had not been diminished and that he still would have had the sort of power that most managers have. He said it was obvious that he and Rockies wanted Tracy to stay, but he didn’t try to change his friend’s mind.

“He has made up his mind. He’s a mature man and I respect the guy,” Geivett said.


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