DENVER (CBS4)– The big spike in gas prices in California could have an impact on prices in Colorado, although indirectly.

Some Californians woke up to gas prices of $5.69 or more a gallon, a hefty price hike overnight.

Other drivers were equally shocked when they found gas stations closed because of a gas shortage.

Some of the problems can be attributed to a series of events including a refinery fire, a power failure at another plant and a pipeline shutdown.

All of that is making some drivers in Colorado nervous.

“If it’s high there it’s usually an indicator it will be high here,” said one driver.

“I hope that’s not coming here,” said another.

“We have a local refinery here in Denver that processes Colorado crude oil and we have five other suppliers that supply this market,” said Colorado Petroleum Association spokesman Stan Dempsey.

Dempsey said it is unlikely that California will tap into our supply. He does not recommend filling up your tank because that will change the normal use patterns which could impact trends and prices in Colorado.

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