DENVER (CBS4)– For some people living in the neighborhood surrounding the University of Denver, the presidential debate can’t be over soon enough. Others are excited they get to be so close to a historical event.

“It’s a really great experience. You have all the students here getting involved with the debate and everyone just seems so excited. I honestly can’t wait for it to start,” said DU student Vincent DeLaTorre.

“It seems like a lot of cops. They’re walking around in the alley, so there’s just a lot of people here,” said DU neighborhood resident Todd Neu. “I’m over it. It should be done soon.”

When asked about being near all the action of the presidential debate at the Ritchie Center, DU neighborhood resident Keenan Jones said he felt a little put off by all the additional security, “I mean, there are barricades all over.”

Others don’t feel the same, including DU neighborhood resident Carly Bowman who believes all the secret service personnel adds an intriguing element to her surroundings.

“It’s really cool. I have to admit I’m a Romney supporter so I’m hoping I get to see him but it’s nice to see our neighborhood getting so much attention,” said Bowman.

Hunter Hall likes all the attention, too. His apartment has a balcony with a direct line of sight to the Ritchie Center.

“People from the Obama camp came by yesterday and asked if they could hang a big banner on my porch,” said Hall. “I’m a big supporter of Obama in 2012.”

“I personally haven’t suffered one bit of inconvenience so far. Tomorrow will be different. One day out of the year isn’t bad,” said DU neighbor John Helper.


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