DENVER (CBS4) – There were at least three scheduled protests during the presidential debate Wednesday night and demonstrators told 4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger they weren’t planning on staying in the designated area set aside by law enforcement.

One of the largest protests was to be put on by Occupy Denver. The planned to march from McWilliams Park to the debate site about two miles away.

“We have very few chances to actually speak to the president, and so when you know that he’s passing and you can get a sign in front of his window, that’s a great opportunity,” Occupy Denver protester Eric Verlo said.

Some demonstrators dressed up as President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were protesting big money’s role in politics.

“There’s one issue in which there is no debate, and that’s that big money is corrupting our politics,” a demonstrator said.

It seemed like there were demonstrators for and against every type of issue in America at the University of Denver, and plenty of law enforcement to keep it under control.

Debate organizers placed signs that read “Debate 2012 Speakers Park” along the roads to let demonstrators know they have to go to a fenced-in area near the debate site that’s monitored by a police camera. But most demonstrators say they won’t go there.


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