DENVER (CBS4) – The eyes of the free world will be on the University of Denver and the security concern is for those who might wish to do harm.

A fortress is being created, complete with concrete, metal, wood and plenty of officers. The Denver Police Department is running the show.

Students now find their university a maze of fences with some living quarters fenced off.

“It wasn’t so bad until today when they started putting all the fences up,” student Matt Freeman said. “They had one fence out earlier. Now they have two fences and it makes living around here a little harder.”

A “Stop the Empire” poster is on the Internet inviting people to protest the debate. It’s sponsored by Occupy Denver. Tim Holland is helping organize the demonstration and march. CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger asked him if he expects confrontations.

“That’s up to the police. If they decide to behave violently as they are known to, that’s up to them. We’re certainly not seeking a confrontation,” Holland said.

A so called “Free Speech Zone” has been set up behind fences well away from where the candidates will be and there’s a police camera nearby. The Occupy protesters refer to it as a prison cell.

Some demonstrators say they will not be protesting in the Free Speech Zone.

Among those who will be taking part in the demonstration are the Green Party and the Libertarian Party presidential candidates protesting the fact that they’re not being allowed to take part in the debate.


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