DENVER (CBS4) – It’s a new way to help local businesses and on Wednesday folks in Denver will hold what’s called a “cash mob” to stimulate the economy at one restaurant.

The cash mob will be spending lots of cash at Mezcal on East Colfax.

“People come together through social media to spend $20 to support a local business owner,” Alysha Havey said.

“It’s a constant struggle with coming up with new ideas to constantly market yourself,” Danielle Scott at Mezcal said.

Scott on Tuesday was already tempting dish mobbers with the tasty treats they’ll be offering. She assures there will be hearty food, beer and shots of tequila for those dishers who want to drink and dine.

“It will be fun because you know that your dollars that you spend in a local, independent restaurant really help the community,” Havey said.

Since this program is based on the flash mob concept, don’t be surprised if the dishers do some dancing as well all in the name of good economic will.

“It could happen any night with a couple shots of tequila,” Scott said.

Anyone and everyone is welcome and there will be more events in the cash mob future.



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