DENVER (CBS4) – Some students at the University of Denver received some surprising and exciting news Monday morning as they learned that their names were picked in a lottery and that they will be attending the presidential debate.

Some students gathered outside of the Driscoll Student Center Monday morning to listen for their names, but they didn’t need to be present to win.

The winners will receive an email on Monday and they have to respond by midnight to confirm they want the spot at the debate.

All students had their names entered into the lottery once, but students who took part in different events that are part of the Presidential Debate Event Series on campus were able earn additional entries.

“The actual debate live, I think that will be awesome,” DU student Cole Ortega said. “I hope to just learn more about the political process.”

Some of the winning students say they’ve already made up their minds about who they will vote for, but some are also undecided and are hoping that the debate will help them become decided voters.

“It’s just something that I can say to my children, or something like that, that I was here witnessing it with my fellow student body, as well as a representative of DU,” graduate student Paul Macias said.

Additional lottery drawings for students continued throughout Monday and will also continue Tuesday.


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