DENVER (CBS4)– As the election nears political candidates are busy making phone calls to potential voters. Well, at least their recorded messages are trying to make an impact.

“When we get those calls, it’s dinner time. We’re trying to de-stress,” said one voter.

It has become a hallmark during election season, those prerecorded phone calls that have many voters’ phones ringing off the hook.

“Now I just kind of hang up,” said another voter.

“It’s really just a very inexpensive way to contact a lot of people at once. You don’t even really need employees to run the thing,” said University of Denver Political Science Professor Seth Masket. “It’s so inexpensive to contact that one extra person that as long as you’ve persuaded even a handful of people, it can be seen as worth it.”

Some people don’t mind the phone calls.

“I think they’re absolutely vital,” said Cyndi Everetts. “I was pleased to get the call. I feel like it’s my responsibility to answer when somebody asks me my opinion.”

Others believe the timing and the frequency of the calls has gotten old.

“Generally, it’s irritating,” said one voter.

“I can almost sense them. Even before someone picks up, I know what’s coming next,” said another voter.

Political experts say the benefit can outweigh the annoyance. In a race this close in Colorado, everything counts.


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