AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A firefighter’s widow may have to sit through a grueling trial following the death of her husband earlier this year.

Jason Murphy, a 10 year veteran of the Aurora Fire Department, died after he was hit by a pickup while riding his bike to a fire station where he worked.

“He was a firefighter, public servant, devoted father and husband and shared that with our community,” said his widow Jacqueline Murphy.

William Nale, of Aurora, was driving his daughter to school on March 16 when the accident happened near Quincy Reservoir in Aurora. Nale has claimed the sun was in his eyes.

murphy jason Firefighters Widow Unhappy Plea Deal Hasnt Been Reached

Jason Murphy (credit: Aurora Fire Department)

Nale turned down an offer to plead guilty to careless driving resulting in death with a likely sentence of probation and now could face a three day trial in January.

“I think a jury would find Mr. Nale’s actions of going through a red light, hitting a 7-foot cyclist, was not only careless but reckless,” said Hollynd Hoskins, an attorney who represents Murphy.

The family of Murphy, who was 6-foot-7, has had lots of support from the community in the wake of the fatal crash. That includes his two daughters.

“They are doing okay. They were in his side pockets, literally, as you can see in our photographs. They were the light of his life,” Murphy told CBS4.

Nale and his attorney declined a request from CBS4 for an interview for this story.

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