GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – Things are still dry along the Front Range and even though the summer is just about over the city of Greeley is asking people to voluntarily stop watering their lawns beginning Oct. 1.

“It’s been a dry, dry year,” Water Conservation Coordinator Ruth Quade said.

Quade says the request is coming two weeks earlier than normal, but says it’s necessary after a rough water year.

“We started out with a low snowpack to begin with, then we had the wildfires up in the Poudre Basin Watershed and so we weren’t able to use that Poudre River water for a good period of the summer,” Quade said.

They had to take water from area reservoirs, depleting them quickly.

The water at the spring-fed fountain in town is the only water flowing at Lincoln Park as the city is doing their part and no longer watering some parks. Quade says every little bit saved helps in this drought year.

“We can conserve it through the winter and then go into next year with a little more water,” Quade said.

She says time will tell, but they’re hoping for a wet winter to load up that snowpack once again.


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