DENVER (CBS4) – With the holiday travel season just around the corner CBS4 wanted to know how to make sure you’re getting the best deal on that ticket.

There are simple mistakes a lot of travelers make and those mistakes can cost you big time. When it comes to booking your flight, airlines are not in the business of telling you what you’re doing wrong.

Even if you know these booking tips, it’s easy to forget about them, so make sure you know what to search for before you book your holiday flights to see loved ones.

— Do not shop at night. If you’re booking late at night, you stand a greater chance of finding only the more expensive seats. Search early in the day for the best prices.

— Do not fly on the weekend. The least expensive days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, which means if your departure or return flight falls on a Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, you’re paying more than you need to.

— Do not leave in the afternoon. That’s the travel industry’s version of rush hour, which means you stand a better chance of being delayed. Fly early in the morning.

— Do not stay loyal. Unless you’re aiming for elite status on a specific airline it doesn’t make a lot of sense to base your purchasing decisions around loyalty. Shop around and fly cheap.

— Do not delay. If you do want to pay more, take your time booking your holiday flights. However, if money is an object, start now. The sweet spot for finding a good deal is about six weeks ahead of departure.


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