WELD COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A community is mourning the loss of an 11-year-old boy after he was killed while struggling with his older brother over a gun.

Jordan Limas, 18, admitted to police he stole the gun about a month ago. He told police Andre Limas grabbed the gun off a table, and when he tried to get the gun away from the boy, it went off, striking Andre in the chest.

The shooting happened Friday night in Weld County on Grand Teton Road near Evans. That community honored Andre Monday night with a vigil and Jordan was in attendance. He’s out of jail on a $30,000 bond and still faces negligent homicide charges.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office said they ran the serial number on the gun and it hasn’t been reported stolen.

As the sun went down Jordon could be seen sobbing uncontrollably at the memorial vigil for his brother.

“(Andre) is an angel now, that’s how we see it,” Andre’s mother Lisa Salinas said.

Friends lit candles to remember Andre.

“Me and my little brother are really sad,” a friend said.

evans shooting map Community Mourns Loss Of 11 Year Old Evans Boy Accidentally Shot

(credit: CBS)

Andre’s best friend, Brandon Adkisson, was among the 200 people in attendance.

“I miss you, dude. You will always be in my heart. I wish this didn’t happen,” Adkisson said.

The coroner has ruled the shooting an accident and the Limas family is doing all they can for Jordan.

“He’s constantly crying, missing his brother like we all do,” Salinas said. “It’s really, really hard for him right now.”

“The guilt that he must feel has got to be crazy,” father David Limas said.

Salinas also had a message for the community.

“It means a lot to us that Andre touched so many people,” she said. “It’s amazing. He was a blessing to us and we’re going to miss him.”


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