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WINTER PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Monday morning has brought snow to many areas of Colorado’s high country, and the flakes are providing encouragement to ski resorts.

Representatives from Winter Park, Loveland and Arapahoe Basin shared photos of the snow, and A-Basin and Loveland representatives posted videos on YouTube:

Loveland and A-Basin perennially have a race to see who can open their resort first each fall. Last week officials with Loveland said they were a few weeks away from firing up their snowmaking guns.

“Arapahoe Basin plans to start snowmaking once temperatures are consistently lower. A-Basin opened first last season on October 13,” A-Basin spokeswoman Kimberly Trembearth wrote on Monday in a prepared statement.

Copper Mountain sent an employee to the top of the mountain where he reported about three inches of snow.

“Early season snow and low temperatures really means a ton for Copper,” Austyn Williams with Copper Mountain said. “Really what it comes down to is that it repairs the ground for the snow making that we’re going to produce to be susceptible to that snow.”

The real trick is going to be holding on to some of that snow. The weather is expected to warm back up later in the week and the overnight temperatures aren’t quite cold enough just yet.

Skiing In Colorado

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