tailgate fan Five Tailgating Gadgets Every Broncos Fan Should Own
Every Broncos home game is heavily anticipated and properly celebrated as Broncos fans rally together in the stadium parking lot for pre-game festivities. Some roll up in a 200-horsepower truck and some in an eco-friendly Prius. But whether you are a seasoned tailgating vet or a transplanted newbie, you won’t want to miss out on these tailgating gadgets.

Brand Your Grub – Nothing says “Go Broncos” better than a Broncos-branded steak. This 2×2-inch branding plate will have your party guests cheering for more than just the team. Brand anything from steak, chicken and brats to bread and veggies. This fun accessory is available in a set of two at your local sporting or camping store.

Cool It Off – Keep your cocktails cool with football-shaped “lite cubes” you can freeze. These little plastic “cubes” are shaped like footballs and contain a tiny lighting source activated by the chill of a freezer. Once frozen, light up these football cubes and enjoy your glowing beverage day or night. They are available through www.americantailgater.com in blue or orange eight-packs.

Don’t Burn Out – When it comes to outdoor grilllin’ and chillin’, nothing is more important than a solid energy source for all your appliances. So relax and get cozy with the Black & Decker two-socket inverter car accessory. It plugs right into your car’s 12-volt socket or directly to your battery (cables included). The device will warn you when your car battery is running low so you don’t have to worry about needing a jump. Also available at www.americantailgater.com, this accessory is essential for any tailgating event.

Finger Fun – This one is less of a gadget and more of a fun accessory. Imagine a ring-pop without the candy and voila, you have The Finger Food Plate. No need for napkins or toothpicks here. These rings can hold all of your bite-size snacks and even allow you to hold your beverage in the same hand to keep the grilling or high-fiving in style. It is available in boxes of 10 reusable plates at www.baronbob.com.

Weather the Storm – Every loyal Broncos fan knows that tailgating doesn’t end when the temperatures drop. With the Grabber Warmers battery-heated gloves from www.thewarmingstore.com, you can grill, clap and grub without that bitter frozen sting. These gloves are waterproof, heavily insulated and “AA” battery operated with two heat settings. You don’t want to bare the winter-season games without them.

Now get out there and cheer on the Broncos with these fun and practical tailgating gadgets!

Check out Tailgate Fan to keep the party going at tailgatefan.cbslocal.com.

Michelle Perez is a freelance writer covering all things Denver. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.


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