EVANS, Colo. (CBS4) – A father in Evans is devastated after his youngest son was shot and killed and his middle son was arrested.

The shooting happened on Friday in Evans, just south of Greeley. Andre Limas, 11, died after being shot in the chest.

Jordan Limas, 18, called for help around 5:30 p.m. saying his brother shot himself. The sheriff’s office said that Andre Limas found the gun in Jordan Limas’ bedroom and the older brother tried to keep Andre Limas from leaving the house.

“(He) attempted to get the handgun back, away from the 11-year-old, told him that it wasn’t a toy, and then there was a struggle that ensued over the pistol, the gun went off, striking the 11-year-old in the chest,” Sgt. Tim Schwartz with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office said.

Jordan Limas is being held on a $30,000 bond for criminally negligent homicide. It’s not clear how he got the gun.

Father David Limas said it was a tragic accident and he’s now worried about losing Jordan Limas to jail time.

“He adored his two older brothers, his older sister,” David Limas said of Andre. “We’ve got to accept the fact that our little one is in Heaven now.”

jordan limas Family Stands Behind Son Accused Of Shooting Brother In Evans

Jordan Limas (credit: CBS)

Davis Limas said the initial shock was unbearable and the family has a rule that no guns are allowed in the house.

“I did get a call from the coroner, he took a big weight off our shoulders and they’re going to rule this an accident,” he said. “Never in our wildest dreams would we even think that Jordan would be capable of doing anything purposely … we’ve got to focus on being here for our son Jordan.”

11 year old shot folo map t Family Stands Behind Son Accused Of Shooting Brother In Evans

(credit: CBS)

He said the family is not upset with Jordan.

“It was an accident. When I talked to him I made it clear that nobody here is upset with him, nobody is mad at him. We all love him and we’re waiting for him to come home.”

There is a fund set up in Andre Limas’ name at Wells Fargo to help pay for funeral costs.


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