DENVER (CBS4) – When it began flying years ago it was called the first civilian hospital based emergency medical helicopter. Now it’s known as Flight For Life, and they’ve been providing service in Colorado for 40 years.

Flight For Life Colorado is the air ambulance of choice for Centura Health, The Children’s Hospital, University of Colorado Hospital, numerous ski resorts, and for Chuck and Becky Morris.

“My wife had an interesting time with Flight For Life many years ago,” Chuck said.

That’s if a near-death experience is interesting. They almost never met.

“I was a student at DU back in 1979 and I was driving back to school one morning from a friend’s house in Conifer and we were involved in a head-on collision on Highway 285,” Becky said.

Becky is married to Chuck. He’s president and CEO of AEG Live. Back then she suffered a broken neck, a shattered ankle and a gash in her head.

“I believe 105,000, 110,000 people’s lives have been rescued or affected by Flight For Life Colorado,” Becky said.

Chuck had no idea Flight For Life would one day save the life of his future wife.

“They did not know of her relationship with Flight For Life when they called me,” Chuck said.

That’s why Chuck doesn’t mind helping Flight For Life with the Rocky Mountain Ransom.

“Getting some VIPs, well-known personalities, to go get kidnapped in a Flight For Life helicopter,” Chuck said. “And call all of our friends, family, anybody we can get a hold of and try to raise $100,000 a piece.”

Some of those being kidnapped and placed on a 14er are KBCO’s Brett Saunders, also Tami Door with the Downtown Denver Partnership, and of course Chuck. Becky says she still can’t believe how the organization has impacted her life.

“It is really incredible how things have come full circle,” Becky said. “I feel like I owe an incredible debt to Flight For Life.”

Flight For Life Colorado receives no state or federal funding, but relies on contributions made by donors. Also, a patient’s ability to pay is never considered when rapid medical treatment and transport are needed with Flight For Life.

A 40th anniversary benefit concert for Flight For Life is scheduled for Oct. 6 in conjunction with AEG Live and KBCO. Sheryl Crow and Amos Lee will be performing at the First Bank Center. For more information, visit


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