AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The father of a toddler who drowned in a pond near an Aurora apartment complex says it was an accident that didn’t have to happen.

Two-year-old Morgan Okoile died Friday night. He was pulled from the pond near the promenade at Towne Center apartments. It was the second time in less than three years that a child had fallen into that particular pond.

Police say trained detectives will interview Morgan’s two older brothers to figure out what was going on with the adult supervision.

It was reported that Morgan’s mother dropped her three boys at the apartment complex with a babysitter and went to work, but there weren’t many more details.

“To see a little boy like that, lying there lifeless, and knowing this happened because of no fault of his,” father Christopher Okoile said.

Words can’t describe Christopher Okolie’s pain. It’s his tears that explain what life is like without Morgan. He says he’s not on good term with his ex-wife and didn’t know the babysitter. He says he’s angry there are no more details.

“Today I went to the pond to see where that pond is. I don’t perceive for one moment how somebody cannot know that that is a danger waiting to happen,” he said. “And nobody is taking extra precaution.”

morgan okolie Father Wants More Details About How Son Drowned In Pond

Morgan Okoile (credit: Christopher Okoile)

In the same pond back in 2009 at the promenade at Towne Center Apartments a 3-year-old boy got trapped in the frozen pond. That child was rescued by two girls and survived.

Neighbors say children consistently play at the pond.

“I think they should take out the pond, obviously, or at least have it gated up,” resident Adrienne Whitfield said.

aurora toddler map transfer Father Wants More Details About How Son Drowned In Pond

(credit: CBS)

Christopher Okoile says he promised Morgan he would take him back to his native home in Africa.

“But I can’t now. He cannot go to Nigeria alive.”

Apartment managers did not return CBS4’s calls to see if any safety precautions will be made to the ponds.


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