DENVER (CBS4) – Denver firefighters now know what caused a fire that led to a series of explosions at a home on Franklin Street.

The fire happened Friday morning near Franklin and 34th. One person was injured and sent to the hospital. Firefighters say propane tanks were to blame.

A propane leak caused the fire and then the fire caused some more propane tanks to explode, sending debris flying two to three houses down.

Mike Marquardt captured home video of an explosion.

Firefighters say someone was cooking when the fire broke out. They were able to contain the fire, preventing it from spreading to neighboring houses and businesses.

The details won’t be released until the investigation is over. A neighbor says he’d been concerned about a fire for awhile. It’s his opinion that any cooking wasn’t being done safely.

Three days later debris still hangs in the trees surrounding the home. A fence hides the damage.

Firefighters are still investigating the situation, which includes checking to see if there were any violations or if it was simply a bad accident.


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