GLENDALE, Calif. (CBS4) – California Fish and Game officials are considering moving a bear to a sanctuary in Colorado.

The bear, known affectionately as “Meatball,” has been getting into some trouble in a Glendale neighborhood. The bear has been spotted climbing into backyards and helping himself to trash. He was even breaking into homes to snack on his favorite food — meatballs.

Last month wildlife officers had to tranquilize and transport the bear back to the Angeles National Forest.

Meatball is somewhat of a regular in the area and even has his own Twitter page.

“He had the big orange tag on his ear, so I figured it had to be Meatball,” a resident said.

“I think he would get along quite well if people would just secure their food,” another resident said.

On Tuesday he wandered back into the woods on his own.

Residents hope Meatball will find a new favorite food in the woods instead of in their trashcans. But the bear’s third visit may be its last. Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the Department of Fish and Game, previously told The Los Angeles Times that if the bear came back again it could be taken to a shelter for holding until they have enough money to move him to a larger Colorado shelter for life.

“We’re hopeful that if we can capture him in a safe way, we will place him in a facility for the rest of his life,” Hughan told The Times.


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