DENVER (CBS4) – With Peyton Manning now at the helm for the Denver Broncos, wide receiver Eric Decker is poised to have a big year.

After Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers it appears Manning has found his favorite receiver — Decker.

Decker had four receptions for 38 yards and two touchdowns in the game. He said on his first touchdown catch the 49ers had been bringing the safeties in on all the run plays, which opened him up for the strike.

“I just kind of faked, bluffed the safety and came out and Peyton put the ball where he needed to. (It was) a well-executed drive to get us down in the red zone and finish it off,” Decker told CBS4’s Gary Miller.

It also looked like Manning and Decker were on the same page on his second touchdown catch.

“That’s a play we had been running and trying to execute … Peyton bought us off enough time to find me in the corner,” Decker said.

He said the team hadn’t been pressing at all in their quest to get their first touchdown from Manning.

“This is all good work leading up to the season and it’s the little things we try to take from the film room,” he said. “I thought we did great the first two weeks, but to finally get a touchdown, to finish in the red zone, those things are very important to us. It was good to see that.”

Decker said overall the Broncos have a lot of threats.

“When we run the football, if we can keep doing that consistently and keep our defense off the field, that’s what we want.”

He said training camp and the first preseason games have gone pretty well for the team.

“Obviously we’ve made some mistakes, but that’s good for coaching off of, to understand, ‘Alright, this is an adjustment we need to make, this is what we’ve got to do better.’ ”

Decker wouldn’t comment on if he thinks he’s Manning’s go-to guy. He said he’s just doing his job and trying to get open.

– By Matthew J. Buettner,


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