GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A family of bears is causing quite a stir in Golden.

A mother and her three cubs made their way up a tree at East Street and 7th Place, near Tucker Gulch Trail. They stayed in the tree for most of the day and were sleeping for a little while.

Wildlife officials believe it could have been a peach tree or a nearby apple tree that lured the bear family to the area.

Residents enjoyed their breakfast with the bears.

“I’m eating Chex mix watching bears across the street,” said one resident.

“I’m from Kansas so we don’t get a lot of bears,” said some visitors to Golden who stopped to watch the wildlife in action.

Spectators were kept at a distance.

Wildlife officials were figuring out their plan for what to do with the bear family Thursday afternoon.

“We want them to move out on their own naturally, particularly when there’s a mama and so many cubs,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Vicki Vargas-Madrid said in a prepared statement.

The bears decided to leave on their own at about 6:30 p.m.

“It’s not always successful tranquilizing that many bears, and the drugs are really hard on the cubs. So we are waiting them out in hopes that they make their way out of the neighborhood.”

Several streets and paths were closed off as officials tried to keep people away from the bears.


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