DENVER (CBS4)– A robbery over the weekend at a business park near Interstate 25 and the Boulder Turnpike may impact next month’s induction ceremony for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

Priceless artifacts from Colorado’s music history were among the items stolen.

“From the Astronauts there was a blue tuxedo suit. It was a stage suit that they used. Left the hanger, of all things,” said business owner Don Woodard.

Police said thieves drove through the doors early Sunday of four companies in the Turnpike Business Park located at 7100 N Broadway Street. They made off with whatever they could grab including power tools, computers and priceless artifacts meant for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

“Everyone was so generous with their artifacts and I know that is the most difficult part of this whole thing is that they entrusted us with these items and now they’re not in our hands anymore,” said Colorado Music Hall of Fame curator G. Brown.

The artifacts were being used in displays under assembly at a northwest Denver exhibits company for the Colorado Music Hall of Fame induction in September.

The Astronauts, Flash Cadillac, Sugarloaf and Classic KIMN Radio will be honored. Now the search is on for the artifacts belonging to them.

“Flash Cadillac got hit hard. We had a gold record up here at the top. In the center was a jacket that had ‘SPIKE’ written on the back. Over the top of that was a guitar that had flames on it. On the neck of the guitar it spelled out ‘Flash Cadillac,'” said Woodard.

G. Brown and the Colorado Music Hall of Fame simply want the items returned- no questions asked.

The artifacts are easily identifiable and word has gone out to pawn shops and collectors nationwide to be on the lookout for these one-of-a-kind items.

Adams County Sheriff’s deputies are examining surveillance video in hopes of identifying the thieves and recovering the artifacts.


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