Children Flying Solo: Know The Risks

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gloria neal Children Flying Solo: Know The Risks

A family from San Francisco is furious after their young daughter was stranded for hours at O’Hare International Airport as she flew alone to a camp in Michigan.

FULL STORY: Family Furious After Little Girl Gets Lost At O’Hare

Here are some saftey tips to ensure your child arrives at their final destination when they are flying solo:

– If possible, book only nonstop or direct flights, especially for younger unaccompanied children. Also, book morning flights so that the risk of an overnight delay is reduced.

– Be sure that your child has ID, a copy of the itinerary, contact information at both ends of the trip including names, addresses and telephone numbers and a cell phone

– Know the airline policies for unaccompanied children, including how it handles connections and delay or cancellations.

– At the departure gate, inform airline personnel that you are dropping off an unaccompanied child. If it is allowed, board the plane with your child…

– Finally, the person picking-up the child should also have identification that exactly matches the information that you supplied the airline.

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