BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A new crime alert has students returning to college on guard as Boulder police have responded to a rash of burglaries in the University Hill area between Euclid and University near the University of Colorado campus.

Just in the last week there have been a handful of reports to police and it’s possible many more have gone unreported.

A lot of the burglaries have been easy for the thieves because a lot of residents in the area leave their doors open.

“You don’t want to feel unsafe, so it’s kind of scary when it happens,” CU student Jessie Frame said.

Fame said she’s upset to hear about the rash of burglaries, but not surprised.

“When you’re moving you always have the door open and there’s just stuff being in and out,” Frame said.

One burglary was a crime of opportunity through an unlocked sliding glass door.

“I think everyone who lives around the hill kind of knows that there’s a lot of possible burglaries going on,” CU student Becky Powell said.

Students are just starting to move in. There are “for rent” signs on many of the houses. With so many new residents coming in, the opportunity for crime is high.

Boulder police didn’t comment on the crimes.


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