DECKERS (CBS4) – A one-of-a-kind camp taking place in Colorado for the first time is offering some children and young teens much more than activities and camaraderie.

Camp Corral, which is being held at YMCA Camp Shady Brook, is also giving its campers counseling and comfort. All of the children have parents in the military — some killed in action, and some disabled.

The camp is located just outside of Deckers, and the experience is entirely paid for by the restaurant chain Golden Corral. It created the camp last year as a way of giving back to disabled veterans by helping their children.

“My mom is a reservist in the Air Force and she is a nurse and she was recently deployed,” a camper said.

Military counselors are on hand to talk to any campers who need emotional support, or who just want to talk. The campers say what they really like about the group is that they all have the same thing in common — parents who are in or who have been in the military.

“Let the worries pass them by for a little bit,” said Joanna Stark, Camp Executive Director.

There are nearly 200 kids at the camp. It has been going on all week and will wrap up on Friday. It was the first one of its kind in Colorado.

The program is currently operating nine other camps in eight other states. Camp Corral is slated to return next summer and camp counselors say there is already a waiting list.



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