ESTES PARK, Colo. (CBS4)– A bear with a sweet tooth has broken into a candy store in Estes Park. The bear’s shoplifting was captured on security video.

The video posted by on YouTube shows the bear entering the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory seemingly without problem.

The bear apparently took advantage of the faulty lock on the door. He slipped his claws under the door and popped it open.

Then he wandered inside, grabbed a mouthful of candy and headed back outside to chow down.

The bear went into the store seven times in 20 minutes and only took candy. He didn’t cause any damage to the store.

“He ate nine Rice Krispie treats, four of those cookie bears and two or three Balls of Joy, which are fudge balls, and four peanut butter cups before he left. And a lot of English toffee,” said store owner Jo Adams.

The bear tried to get inside again the next night but the lock had been fixed.

Adams said since the shoplifting bear made an appearance, customers have been asking to buy exactly what the bear ate.


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