DENVER (CBS4) – She has done Colorado proud. With three races down and four to go swimming star Missy Franklin has collected two medals at the Olympics in London.

Missy will be a senior at Regis Jesuit High School this year. In fact she’ll register for classes the day after she gets back from the Olympics. In the meantime, Missy and her folks are having the time of their lives in London.

“We didn’t expect it at all,” Missy’s mother D.A. Franklin told CBS4’s Kathy Walsh. “I mean the 100 back has never been her top event.”

But Missy added individual gold to her relay bronze. She has been tearing up the Olympic pool as her parents watch with pride.

“Just to sit there and watch her swim and watch her win, and just the gold medal, it was overwhelming,” D.A. Franklin said.

Her mother said Missy is her same upbeat self, but the whole family has gotten a little emotional.

“Watching her on the big screen, trying to keep the tears back, at the same time trying to sing because she always sings the national anthem, that’s when Dick and I started to sob,” D.A. Franklin said.

The Franklins were able to hug their daughter Monday night for the first time since July 7.

“She had her medal stuffed in her jacket pocket, and I looked at it and the mother in me just wanted to take it and say, ‘I’ll look after this honey you’re not going to lose it,’ ” D.A. Franklin said. “But I didn’t do that. I restrained myself.”

Missy is a swimming sensation and fast becoming famous, but she’s still just a teen. Her mother said the highlight for Missy was getting a Tweet from Justin Bieber and Scotty McCreery, who she loves from “American Idol.”

Her mother says plans are in the works for Missy to meet the Bieber when he comes to Denver for a concert.


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