AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – It will be a weekend for remembering the victims of the theater shootings in Aurora and more people visited the community memorial on Friday than any other day this week.

The memorial has become a symbol of the love and support that everyone feels for the victims of the movie theater shootings. A steady stream of people has been going there to pay their respects over the last week. A lot of parents are also bringing their children.

Balloons and flowers grace the simple white crosses set there a week ago.

Last Sunday Adam Stark laid out blank white sheet rock. Now those planks are covered in messages of love.

“I just put Psalms 23 and put my name,” said Sarai Gholson, who went to the memorial with her three children.

“The little girl just really touched me. She was just a baby. We just had to come and pray,” she said.

“It’s hard to see that all these people had to die,” said 11-year-old Imani Gholson.

“It’s really sad that someone could do this, and it’s heartbreaking,” said 13-year-old Aaron Gholson.

Sarai Gholson is among many parents who have been bringing their children to the memorial, laying flowers and understanding the community compassion runs deep.

“They don’t have to live in fear. Yes there are crazies out there, but there are more people with compassion and love, and they don’t have to live their life in fear,” Sarai Gholson said.

“I think it heals the community a little bit to see that all these people do care about these families and loved ones,” Aaron Gholson said.


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