CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – Some of the victims’ families needed to see the face of the suspect and other people stood in and represented the victims who couldn’t be there to have a voice in court as James Holmes was advised of his rights on Monday.

Several families were represented at court. One man said one of the hardest things he’s had to do was to force himself to look at the suspect’s face.

“She is going to be hurting and damaged for a long time,” David Sanchez said.

Sanchez’s daughter Katie and her husband Caleb Medley were in Theatre 9. She made it out, but he was shot in the head and is fighting for his life.

“We just need to pray for everybody that’s out there and that is hurt and for a recovery,” Sanchez said.

The Medleys had just moved to Denver a few months ago. It was his chance to try and break out as a comedian. That was his dream and on Monday his father-in-law wanted to see the man who tried to take it away.

family at court 5 pkg trans Father Of Pregnant Shooting Survivor Had To See Holmes In Court

Kate and Caleb Medley (credit: CBS)

“(I) felt like I could feel the pain that was going on in there, which really makes you more angry about this man who decided to take everybody’s lives,” Sanchez said.

Monday was supposed to be a celebration for the young couple — the birth of their first child. Kate is in labor.

“She has to concentrate on what is going on right now. She needs to have this baby delivered,” Sanchez said. “She needs to take care of her husband and everybody needs to pray for them.”

caleb medley 2 Father Of Pregnant Shooting Survivor Had To See Holmes In Court

Caleb Medley in the hospital (credit: CBS)

Sanchez will be closely following the case until the end, and he feels there is only one punishment that will be appropriate.

“Yeah, I think death is, you know.”

David says Caleb is in critical condition. Katie was having contractions, but no baby yet. When it comes, they’re going to name their little boy Hugo.

LINK: http://www.calebmedley.com/help


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