DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Theater shooting survivors recovering at Swedish Medical Center found some comfort from a group of Denver Broncos players.

Seven players squeezed into patients’ rooms at the hospital. The tough football players acted as cheerleaders on Monday, saying it was the least they could do for people who’ve gone through so much.

Christina Blache was shot in her leg with the bullet lodged in the knee of her other leg, shattering it. She will be at the hospital for weeks and undergo several surgeries.

“Any moment that people take out of their day to spend with me means something, because it means I’m not sitting here like a vegetable dwelling on everything,” Blache said.

“This is our community and we’ve got to come together as a community in these tough times,” defensive tackle Ben Garland said. “I’m just happy to do anything I can, even if it’s just something small like spending time over here — hopefully bringing something to brighten their spirits a little bit.”

Garland knows what that support means. His parents lost their home in the Waldo Canyon Fire.

“Just being able to give back just a little bit helps you,” he said.

But he admitted it’s hard to know what to say.

“It’s tough seeing these people the way they are,” he said. “It makes me furious actually.”

He says the survivors are heroes.

“You just hear the stories of people in these tough situations coming up and doing courageous acts and saving each other and putting other people’s lives before themselves.

“Just let them know that they’re in our prayers and in our thoughts and we’re here for them, the whole community is here for them.”

“You could tell that they actually care and that’s why they’re coming around to everybody. It’s really nice of them,” Blache said.

Blache confessed that she doesn’t watch football and didn’t know a single player in the room. Still, she said it meant a lot that they took time out of their day to brighten her’s.

The players also visited a 20-year-old who was shot in the shin and will also need many surgeries. And they made a stop in the emergency department to deliver an autographed football. On Sunday they saw survivors at the Aurora Medical Center.


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