DENVER (CBS4) – Arson investigators are looking into who burned American flags in Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood. People who live there are concerned about the burned flags.

“It’s definitely disturbing because it is so close to the house,” said one homeowner, who didn’t want to be identified, after finding a burned flag in the yard.

“We heard a fire truck responding, turned on our scanner and heard that they were responding to another flag burning,” said the homeowner.

Over the weekend someone burned three flags around Central Park. One was on the flagpole in front of a model home at 33rd and Willow.

The Denver Fire Department believes the fires were set between 8 p.m. last Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday morning.

flag map Neighbors Disturbed Over Burned Flags In Stapleton

(credit: CBS)

A third flag was draped over a community mailbox and set ablaze.

“For many Americans that flag is a very sacred symbol and to burn it is a vile and despicable act,” Denver fire spokesman Lt. Phil Champagne said. “I know that people have come forth trying to offer assistance and aid in trying to identify who did it.”

While the Denver Fire Department investigates the arson, it’s not the only mischief that has been happening in the area.

“Our neighbor two doors down had lawn ornaments strewn about and broken. A guy around the corner had his lawn furniture put out in the street,” said one homeowner.

The neighbor believes the culprits could be young and the reason behind the vandalism could be linked to superstition.

“I think it was just Friday the 13th and just kids doing stupid kid stuff, is my guess,” said the homeowner.

The flag burning is being investigated as arson which is a felony.


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