DENVER (CBS4) – The nation’s largest grocery store chain is considering offering customers a two percent discount if they pay with cash.

Kroger is the parent company of King Soopers and City Market. A settlement with Visa and MasterCard has Kroger considering the cash discount. The deal gives merchants the ability to offer discounts for cash and checks and to impose fees on credit cards.

Small business owners have long known the benefits of avoiding the fees credit card processors charge stores.

“It adds up,” said Tasha Valenti at Looks Salon. “They take away $400 or $500 a month.”

Douglas Naiman at Aviano Coffee figures he pays about 24 cents to the card company on every $2 cup of coffee. He’s not ready to start offering a reward for using cash.

“It’s still penalizing those who use credit cards and when I’m out shopping, I like to use my card,” Naiman said.

He does say he’s likely paying thousands of dollars every month for customers to have the convenience of swiping their cards.

Bankers say customers should brace for a fee to use cards as businesses try to offset the cost of customers using plastic.

Some stores require a minimum amount for credit card purchases.


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